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A behavioral intelligence-based alerting system providing speedy support and assistance to protect vulnerable individuals.

A more cohesive and all-encompassing alert and warning system is needed that will integrate public and private communications mechanisms and sources of information, and continue to provide the necessary information for the purpose of preserving the health and safety of people, while being technologically agnostic— such that new technologies for alerts and warnings can be adopted quickly.

The DHS report, 2018.

In today’s world, patients and the vulnerable have many choices when it comes to specialized systems and devices that provide data to monitor their condition, aid in their recovery and measure their health. These systems must respond quickly to changes in an individual’s status quo and provide reliable early warning signals so that preventive action can be taken quickly.
When an emergency arises, accurate and appropriate details must be provided so that prompt action can be taken. Alerts must be sent to the right person in the right way at the right time; sending a clear and appropriate message to the right device. There is no compromise when it’s about personal safety and in matters of life and death.

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The smarter way to live

The alertR engine reduces risk for users through personalized predictive and preventive actions.

By identifying and understanding unique user behaviors, characteristics and habits, alertR analyzes and determines deviations from personal norms and the severity of the deviations.

The alertR application keeps users constantly updated. Status and progress can be monitored through a dedicated dashboard, phone, wearable or website.

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Integrating with alertR

The alertR experience can be integrated into your existing product ecosystem, adding further value to your offering. The benefits are multifold, including:

Speedy information delivery

Connecting to the most relavant person

Highly efficient means of contacting and relaying information

Efficient alert message process

Effective geotargeting abilities

Trustworthy and secure for users

Effective support system in place for vulnerable people

Connecting to smart devices

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smartR AI™ is committed to developing life-changing artificial intelligence applications based on the evolution of interactions, behavior changes, and emotion detection.

Focusing on behavioral intelligence and interconnections with IoT, we use AI applications to understand, interpret, predict, and respond to complex scenarios. As intelligence moves to the edge of the network smartR AI is all about doing things the smartest way.

To solve complex real-world problems and optimize decision-making, smartR AI uses its intelligence-based proprietary engines. These engines ensure optimal efficiency and performance, improve quality, and reduce human error. They learn faster, leverage existing and historical knowledge, provide data efficiency, and allow for connectivity, to name just a few of their attributes.

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